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There are two things that must be done in order to have your web site appear on the major search engine results pages. The first is to prepare, optimize and review the particular pages that make up your site. The second is to submit the page or pages to the search engines. This document will cover the main points of the first topic.

The process of optimization and review of your site needs to be done before you submit the site to any search engines. You will need to review and optimize again if your site has under gone any major changes or reorganizations.

The submission process can be approached in a couple of ways. You can submit your site by hand to several of the popular search engines. You can use a submit tool to automate the process, some are free, some cost money. Lastly you can hire out to search engine optimization and submission company.

What approach you take really depends on how important it is for your to score high on the search engine results pages. Believe it or not there are a lot of sites that do not even need to be registered because the purpose and goals of the site is not to rate high on the results page.