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NOTE: LWG_CompanyName will help you select a hosting provider and a plan that fits your needs. Click on the Hosting Providers link for our current recommendations.  We do not provide HOSTING services (except for a limited number of sub-domains).

Once you have your URL you need to host a web site for it. You have the options of hosting under a sub-domain, shared hosting or dedicated hosting solution for your site. LWG_CompanyName does not provide hosting services. We can recommend several different hosting providers and will help you to choose the best one for your web site needs. We can recommend a hosting company to meet your needs and budget.

SUB DOMAIN - $60.00 per year, using our domain
A Sub Domain is a web address that is contained under another domain.  For example (YourCompany.MyDomain.com), this type of domain name and hosting can work well for a small business web site. LWG_CompanyName has a limited amount of domain names that we can use for sub-domain hosting. We charge approximately $50.00 per year for a site that is hosted under our domain. Click on the Sub Domains link at the left for more information.

SHARED HOSTING - $10.00 to $100.00 per month
The cost of hosting a web site has gone down dramatically. There are very good companies out there providing shared hosting solutions in the $10.00 to $20.00 per month range. At the $10.00 dollar range you typically don't have access to a data base. Around the $20.00 dollar range you usually have database access and ASP capability. The key thing to choosing a hosting service provider is to select one that has hosting plans that can be expended upon as your needs grow.

DEDICATED HOSTING - $500.00 Set up fee and $400.00 per month and up
This is the most expensive type of hosting package you can get. Very few business's need this level of hosting. What this means is your site is running by itself on it own computer. Some of the benefits to this set up are increased reliability (hosting providers usually monitor the site for you), faster speed (more simultaneous users) and quicker loading pages. You typically have the ability to run what ever software you may need on the server machine.