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Web Design

From first contact thru final delivery we work with you to build your site. Our business analysts will quickly understand the type of business you are in and what goals and purposes you expect out of your web site. Our web developers will optimize the design of your site to achieve those goals.

What we will do:

  •  Work with you to develop a web site that fits your business needs
  •  Use Standard development tools like Microsoft Front Page 2002 and HTML

What we will  NOT do:

  • Lock you into a proprietary web site format that no one else can work with
  • Limit the design elements of your site
  • Lock you into a specific hosting provider
  • Charge you each year for the design and development work already done

At first glance one of our Small Business Sites may look like something you can build yourself on-line using some proprietary automated site building wizards. The resemblance stops there. The most important difference is that you are not locked into some proprietary design tool which limits the type of site you can develop. Another important difference is that you will be working with one of our Web Designers, you will be able to e-mail and phone with questions and or suggestions. We are not an automated web site building facility - although our prices are almost as low or lower than what they offer. The big catch with the automated sites is that they charge you per year for your hosting and site design. They also charge more per year for more pages on your site, and you may not even be able to build the type of pages that your site needs.

Lincoln Whitman Groups use of standard web development tools means that you have complete control over your web site and that you are not locked into a proprietary design wizard or locked into hosting with a particular vendor.

We use but are not limited to MS FrontPage as our development tool of choice. This allows us to develop your site very rapidly. FrontPage allows us to change/modify your site quickly and reliably. The look and feel of your site is controlled by using one of the themes that comes with FrontPage. We also have some additional third party themes that are integrated into FrontPage. We use various web components to speed up the development of your web site with out compromising the quality.

The first version of your web site may not look all that complicated or different from what you can build using proprietary site building wizards. Do not be confused, your site is able to grow and expand as your business needs change. You are not locked into a specific design. You are not locked into a particular hosing provider. Your web site look and feel is not limited by the design wizard.